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The College Panhellenic at the U consists of six National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities dedicated to scholarship, leadership, service, and community development. The College Panhellenic is also home to three Affiliate Chapters that while not members of the NPC, still provide women with an empowering sorority experiences.

Through participating in the recruitment process, you have the potential to meet and connect with many unique individuals. By joining a sorority at the U, you are immersed in a community that values excellence and empowering women to reach their full potential. You are also joining a community of over 900 Panhellenic sisters, who serve as sources of inspiration and become life-long friends.

Fall 2024 Sorority Recruitment Dates

Fall 2024 Sorority Recruitment will take place the week prior to the start of the fall semester, from August 12th - August 17th. Recruitment will begin on Monday, August 12th with Recruitment Orientation and the formal recruitment process will commence later that afternoon. The formal recruitment process will conclude the evening of August 17th.

Attendance at all recruitment-related events between August 12th - August 17th is required for those interested in joining a sorority.

Sorority Recruitment & On-Campus Housing

Students living in on-campus residence halls during the Fall 2024 semester, must register for recruitment by 11:59pm (Mountain Time) on Sunday, July 28th. Those who register by July 28th, will move-in on Sunday, August 11th to prepare for recruitment. Early arrival move-in will take place from 10am - 5pm on Sunday, August 11th. Due to housing transition from summer to fall, students are unable to move-in to their residence halls prior to Sunday, August 11th.

When completing the Sorority Recruitment Registration form, if living on campus during Fall 2024 semester - please respond "Yes" when asked: Living on Campus and answer the question regarding which residence hall. 

Once registration is completed, students will receive a registration confirmation email to the email utilized to register for recruitment, students should review that information carefully. If registration is completed by July 28th, early move-in is confirmed and no further action is necessary.

Please Note: Students who register after July 28th, will move-in to their residence halls during the regular move-in period beginning August 13th. Those students may still participate in sorority recruitment, but housing accommodations will not be provided until August 13th.

Sorority recruitment participants living-on campus who register for recruitment by July 28th and have completed their housing application and confirmed a room reservation will receive an email from Housing & Residential Education the week of July 29th with their move-in time on August 11th, an overview of move-in and living on campus information. Upon receipt of this email, please review thoroughly, but take no further action and do not sign up for a move-in time. Early arrival times for August 11th will be manually assigned by Housing & Residential Education staff within the 10am - 5pm window.

If students choose to withdraw from the sorority recruitment process prior to move-in on August 11th, their move-in time is no longer valid, and they must sign-up for a move-in time with HRE beginning on August 13th.

Housing Move-In Information

Sororities Participating in Fall Formal Recruitment

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Phi

Chi Omega

Delta Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Pi Beta Phi

Sorority Recruitment Registration

Registration for Fall 2024 Sorority Recruitment will open on May 1st. Please note, there is a $60 fee for recruitment registration. 

Register Here

For more information follow us on Instagram @uofusorororities & @utah_fsl or email us at 

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Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is a Latina founded national sorority that places an emphasis on serving and supporting underrepresented communities. They are an Associate Member of the Panhellenic Council, and they do not participate in primary recruitment in the fall. They typically recruit each semester and share announcements about information sessions and recruitment events on their Instagram! Be sure to follow them on Instagram or email them to learn more!





Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a member the National Pan-hellenic Council, also known as the Divine Nine (D). Delta Sigma Theta is a sisterhood of predominately Black women, focused on development of it's membership and public service with a primary focus on the Black community. They are an Associate Member of the Panhellenic Council, and they do not participate in primary recruitment in the fall. Intake for Delta Sigma Theta occurs at various times throughout the academic year, and they typically share announcements about information sessions and organization events on their Instagram! Be sure to follow them on Instagram or email them to learn more!

EMAIL Delta Sigma Theta

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Phi Sigma Rho was founded with the vision to be the foremost social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology by fostering among its members lifelong friendship, scholarship, and encouragement. They are an Associate Member of the Panhellenic Council, and recruit throughout the fall and spring semester. They will share announcements about information sessions and recruitment events on their Instagram! Be sure to follow them on Instagram or email them to learn more!

Request More Information About Phi Sigma Rho

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Fall recruitment is a formal process that is both values-based and a mutual selection. Registration is required to participate in formal recruitment. You can find the registration link at the top of this page, by clicking the "Register Now" button starting on May 1.

By values-based, we mean that each chapter is looking for women who uphold their organizational values and have similar ideals and beliefs. We also mean that you should expect for conversations to focus on what is truly important to you and makes you unique.

By mutual selection, we mean that both the organizations and potential new members have a say in this process. It is never solely the chapters’ decision on who to invite to be members. It also isn’t fully the choice of potential new members. Together, chapters and potential new members are working to find the best fit for everyone.

Potential new members (PNMs) will visit each sorority, over the course of 2 days, during the first round of formal recruitment (3 on day 1 & 3 on day 2) to meet each chapter and learn more about what makes them unique. At the end of this round, PNMs will input their preferences of which organizations they would most like to visit the next day. Our recruitment follows a 6-4-2-1 schedule: you will visit 6 chapters during Round 1, up to 4 chapters during Round 2, and up to 2 chapters during Preference Round (Round 3). On Bid Day (the Saturday before the start of the fall semester), PNMs will return to the Student Union to learn which sorority has offered them an invitation to membership!

Information regarding Fall 204 recruitment will be shared via email with those who complete registration. Information will also be shared via the Panhellenic Instagram throughout the summer - @uofusororities


Recruitment in the spring is still a mutual-selection process, but it is not formal. The College Panhellenic Council will organize a "sorority fair" for those organizations participating in spring recruitment, but after that it is up to individual chapters to plan and promote events. Please note that due to how total chapter membership works, not all sororities are guaranteed to be able to recruit in the spring. The fall is the best time to maximize your options!


Joining a sorority can definitely seem stressful and overwhelming because of the formal process that takes place in the fall. The College Panhellenic Council and Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life staff are here to answer any question you may have. But in the meantime, here are the top ten things you need to know about sorority recruitment!



There is a fee - $60 per registration. The primary recruitment process has many moving parts and we have to prepare in advance to welcome every woman to the process; registration opens on May 1 and will close August 11th

To guarantee early move-in to on-campus housing on August 11th, students must register by July 28th. If registered by July 28th, then you're early arrival is confirmed and no further action is necessary.

Students who register after July 28th, will move-in to their residence halls during the regular move-in period beginning August 13th. Those students may still participate in sorority recruitment, but housing accommodations will not be provided until August 13th.


Primary recruitment will occur prior to the start of the Fall Semester, August 12th - 17th, and those participating are expected to be present for the entirety of the recruitment process. If you are unable to be present during this time period prior to the start of the semester, we suggest considering joining in the spring or the following fall. Recruitment is all about conversations and making connections—you need to be in person for this. Fall 2024 sorority recruitment will be a fully in-person experience.


We promise—while letters of reference might be important at other colleges and universities, our sorority members are much more interested in getting to know you. Think of it like this: if you know a sorority alumna who is a member of one of our organizations, her letter will be a great first step in meeting her sorority but only a baby step. And if you don’t know any sorority women, don’t stress. (If you are having letters of recommendation written on your behalf, sorority alumnae should follow their organization’s submission process; the College Panhellenic and Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life do not accept letters submitted to them.)


There is a dress code, but nothing too out of the ordinary. For the first round, think denim shorts/skirts, a t-shirt, and comfortable shoes. Round two is a little dressier but something like a summer dress, romper, or jumpsuit will be great. Preference round (round 3) is the most formal of the week—picture a trendy black dress or similar and functional shoes.

Is there a limit on how many women can join sororities in the fall?

Absolutely not! While most organizations have similar new member class sizes, this is due to how the recruitment process works. The more women who participate in the recruitment process only increases the number those new member classes could be. If every women not in a sorority registers for formal recruitment, it is possible all of those women could join!



You will have 4-5 Recruitment Counselors (current sorority women) who will lead you through the recruitment process and make sure you feel prepared and ready to go.


We will give you resources and examples of things to talk about and expect to come up during recruitment conversations. Our sorority women will lead these conversations as you are their guest and they want to get to know you! (But don’t forget, you have to feel at home with them too.)


Fall recruitment works like a funnel: during round one you meet all six NPC affiliated chapters, during round two you’ll return to and continue the conversation with up to four chapters, and during preference round you will spend a final period of time with up to two chapters.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with and learn more about each of the Associate Chapters throughout this process.


Fall recruitment isn’t for everyone—maybe you don’t like the super organized, structured process, maybe you feel you aren’t ready to join a sorority yet, whatever the reason is totally okay. You can join our sorority community when it makes the most sense for you. Spring recruitment is much less structured, but we can’t guarantee which chapters will recruit each spring.



At the conclusion of the recruitment process, participants may receive an invitation for membership - also known as a bid. Students will only receive one membership invitation, and the choice to accept that invitation is completely up to you. Please know, the sorority where you feel at home might not be where your best friend feels most at home, that’s okay!

If you choose to accept the membership invitation, you may not accept an invitation from another organization until the next formal recruitment process the following fall.


Fraternity and sorority members are responsible for dues to the chapter. These dues are used to pay for community service and philanthropic projects, social events, membership development events, chapter house usage (if applicable), organizational attire, parent/family and alumni events, insurance and national fees, as well as general chapter expenses. If a student accepts an invitation to join, they may be asked to sign a membership and financial responsibilities agreement. Students are encouraged to review all agreements carefully and discuss them with their parents or support networks before making a decision.

Membership Dues Average Cost: $1000 - $1500+ (can vary by semester)

Dues can be either all inclusive, pay as you go, or a combination of both. Dues tend to be higher during the first-semester of membership due to joining fee's related to insurance, initiation materials, headquarters expenses, etc.