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As a family member, you may be concerned about your student’s experience at college. For your student, making the transition from high school or a community college, to a four-year university may seem like a big change. The fraternity and sorority community can help provide stability through their transition to network, connect to campus, and find support. Nevertheless, there may be some questions you’d like answered so you can better support your student in their choice to join a fraternity or sorority. Some frequently asked questions and their answers are listed below. Also, please feel free to watch this video created by Phi Delta Theta Fraternity that highlights parents' perspective on their fraternity experience.




Dear Parents and Families,

Fraternities and sororities are one of the many ways in which students can get involved and contribute to the University community. Fraternity and sorority members are committed to academic excellence, personal and leadership development, community service, and philanthropy. Membership results in life-long friendships and provides leadership opportunities that can assist students in their academic and professional endeavors. The fraternity and sorority community at the University of Utah consists of 22 organizations – 13 fraternities and 9 sororities. The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life works closely with recognized chapters to enhance the overall membership experience by upholding academic and community standards, organization Rituals, and University policies governing fraternity and sorority activities.

There are many benefits of being a fraternity or sorority member. Below is a list with just a few ways membership can shape the college experience to new heights:

  • Offers a home-away-from-home environment
  • Enhances education that happens in and out of the classroom; University of Utah Greeks have higher GPA's than non-affiliated students
  • Allows for opportunities to give back, help others, and serve the community through service and philanthropy.
  • Provides leadership activities and experiences that aren’t available to non-affiliated students.
  • Increases involvement on campus.
  • Gives members an advantage of networking with alumni.
  • Develops life-long friendships, memories, and a strong sense of accomplishment.
  • Allows students to be a part of something greater than themselves.

I invite you to become informed about Greek life activities, especially the new member education process. I encourage you to talk with your student and encourage them to base selection of a Greek organization on personal lifestyle and values, general compatibility, and organization goals. Parents and families can serve as consultants to students as they define themselves during the college years. By exploring our website, you will learn more about fraternity and sorority life which will help you have conversations and connect with your student on this topic. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a life-long decision that should be made with care.

Our goal is to ensure that the Fraternity and Sorority experience at the University of Utah provides a safe and enjoyable avenue for students to grow and develop during their college years. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Matthew Phister

Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life
(801) 581-8061

Contact Matt


Since fraternities and sororities at the University of Utah are chapters of national organizations, we know the relationships with chapter leadership versus those with university administration can be confusing. We hope this Q&A will help answer some of your questions.