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Delta Gamma (ΔΓ) was founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi, at the Lewis School for Girls by three young women who were unable to go home for the Christmas break. Together, Anna Boyd, Mary Comfort and Eva Webb created a club of "mutual helpfulness."

They chose the Greek letters Delta and Gamma because of their desire to "Do Good." It remains Delta Gamma's motto today and a driving force in all we do. Delta Gamma is a sisterhood built on a commitment to making the world better through not only service, but also a deep appreciation for each individual.

Beta Gamma chapter was founded in 1932, and has been a place for women at the University of Utah to find an inclusive and supportive sisterhood ever since. Here at Beta Gamma Chapter, we work to find and create leaders and individuals who strive for constant self-improvement.




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At the U Since1932
PhilanthropyService for Sight, Delta Gamma Foundation
ColorsBronze, Pink, Blue
FlowerCream-Colored Rose
Required GPA3.0 from High School and a 2.5 GPA (for previous college classes)
Fun FactBefore the adoption of the golden anchor, the symbol of Delta Gamma was simply a "H" for the word "Hope".


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