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My son has been in his Fraternity for 3 years now. I will admit when he first started my husband and I had a negative outlook on the whole fraternity experience. I had friends tease me about “Frat Houses” and I was sure this was going to be a bad mistake. Well here he is 3 years later the president of his fraternity at the U of U (University of Utah) in Salt Lake City. I have to say I have seen my son grow in maturity and responsibility for his house in these last 3 years.
Before my son was president he held other roles within the Fraternity. Activities committee, philanthropy committee as well as joining in and doing all the activities for Greek week and campus rush week to enroll new recruits. The boys do so many different events, each one pitching in or taking on the responsibility of making it come to fruition; several of the boys just painted the inside of the fraternity over spring break. Nate personally has grown in his ability to work with others in different social setting: Team leading, committee organizing, social activities involving the community, formal events and working with other fraternities and sororities for community benefits and fundraisers.  I have seen him grow in self-confidence, social graces, community awareness, money matters, public speaking, Leadership roles, political awareness and maturity. He has grown inside and out with the experiences the Fraternity has offered him. I am proud of the man that has emerged.  From high school to now it has been a transformation, plus a commitment to those he honors, the alumni of his fraternity. It is the history and tenants that keep the fraternity strong as well as the leadership and camaraderie. 

Nancy Peterson

Mother of Fraternity member


Last Updated: 9/25/17