Panhellenic Recruitment

Register for Panhellenic Recruitment here! Make sure to complete your registration before August 29th. Once you've registered, be sure to check your email for a confirmation with additional information and look at this graphic for next steps!

The University of Utah Panhellenic Council consists of six National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities dedicated to scholarship, leadership, service, and community development. The Panhellenic Council is also home to two Affiliate Chapters, Delta Sigma Theta and Kappa Delta Chi, who are not members of the NPC but still provide women with an empowering sorority experience. Delta Sigma Theta and Kappa Delta Chi do not participate in fall formal recruitment.

By choosing to go through the recruitment process, you have the potential to meet and connect with many unique individuals. By choosing to join one of the chapters at the University of Utah, you will be immersed in a community that values excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service to the community. In addition, by joining a Panhellenic sorority, you also join a community of over 800 Panhellenic sisters, who serve as sources of inspiration and become life-long friends. Find out how membership in one of our chapters can help you become a part of something bigger than yourself! 

What is sorority recruitment like in the fall?

Fall recruitment is a formal process that is both values-based and a mutual selection. Potential new members (PNMs) will travel to each sorority house on the first full day of recruitment (Saturday, August 31st) to meet each chapter and learn more about what makes them all unique. At the end of this day, PNMs will return to the Student Union to input their preferences of which organizations they would like to visit the next day. Our recruitment follows a 6-4-2-1 schedule: you will visit 6 chapters on Day 1, up to 4 chapters on Day 2, and up to 2 chapters on Day 3. On Tuesday, September 3rd, PNMs will return to the Student Union to learn which sorority has offered them an invitation for membership! 

Once registration opens on May 27th, you will be able to find a detailed recruitment schedule and additional necessary information here. This will also be emailed to all women that register for the process. 

 Below are some frequently asked questions about this process: 

  • Do I need to buy a whole new wardrobe to participat? Not at all! Recruitment works best if you show up in the clothes that you love and feel confident in. 
  • Do I need letters of recomendation? While some other Panhellenic Council's do require letters of reference or recomendation, we do not. You do not need any letters of recomendation to be successful in recruitment at the U. Please do not feel underqualified if you don't know anyone who can write you a letter of reference. If you do know someone that wants to write you a letter of recomendation, she should follow her organization's practice to submit said letter. 
  • I have plans over Labor Day and won't be on campus, can I still participate? Recruitment is about individual conversations and getting to know each chapter and allowing them to get to know you, you will have the most success if you are available during recruitment week. We dont' recommend registering if you know you will not be on campus bewteen August 31-September 3. Don't forget you can join in the spring! 
  • What do I need to talk about during recruitment? Don't worry, you will have a Rho Gamma (Recruitment Counselor) to help you better understand what types of conversations you will have during the recruitment events. You'll meet your Rho Gamma the evening of Friday, August 30th during Recruitment Orientation. 
  • Is there a limit on how many women can join sororities in the fall? Absolutely not! While most organizations have similar new member class sizes, this is due to how the recruitment process works. The more women that particpate in the recruitment process only increases the number those new member classes could be. 

Organizations that Participate in Panhellenic Recruitment

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Phi

Chi Omega

Delta Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Pi Beta Phi

 What is recruitment like in the spring? 

Recruitment in the spring is still values-based and a mutual-selection process, but it is not formal. The Panhellenic Council will organization a "sorority fair" for those organizations participating in spring recruitment, but after that it is up to individual chapters to plan and promote events. Please note that due to have chapter membership total works, not all sororities are guaranteed to do recruitment in the spring. The fall is the best time to maximize your options! 



Last Updated: 5/27/19