Interfraternity Council Recruitment

Welcome to the University of Utah! Here at the "U", we have a rich heritage and tradition of IFC fraternities promoting academics, brotherhood, service, and friendship to the community that spans over 100 years. We encourage you to branch out, join a fraternity on campus, and be a part of our Greek community for not only the next four years as a student, but for life.

Fraternity Recruitment takes place year round with with opportunities throughout the year to meet all of the IFC Chapters.

If you talk to any of our fraternity men on campus, they will tell you that joining a fraternity and joining this Interfraternity Community at the University of Utah were some of the BEST decisions they have ever made. Joining a fraternity is not membership for four years, but for LIFE. If you want to experience a truly well-rounded college experience, we hope you to check out our fraternities on campus.

Fall 2019 Recruitment

The Interfraternity Council has 11 member fraternities that will participate in and host Fraternity Recruitment activities beginning the first week of classes. This Fall we will be combining aspects of both formal and informal recruitment to create an "organized" recruitment experience. There will be a combination of both community-wide IFC recruitment events, in which all fraternities will participate, and private chapter recruitment events. The IFC recruitment events are intended to showcase each fraternity and allow men wishing to join to interact and connect with members of each fraternity. The private chapter events are intended to allow you to focus your time and energies with your favorite chapters.

We have a new, exciting opportunity for men this fall; Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity will be joining our community. If you are interested in learning, click below or email for more information! 

Organizations Participating

Alpha Tau Omega  Beta Theta Pi 
Delta Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma
Omega Delta Phi Phi Delta Theta
Phi Kappa Psi(coming Fall 2019) Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Chi Sigma Nu
Sigma Phi Epsilon Triangle





Fall 2019 Recruitment Schedule


Recruitment Introduction 

Get taken through our Fraternity Recruitment "Crash Course" to receive information about what it means to be a fraternity man, get your questions answered, get prepped to recruitment and connect with all of our fraternities.

Fraternity Community Tour -  Chapter Facilities and Various Campus Location

This event is designed for you to take a self-guided tour around the fratenrity community, stop at the different locations and pick up a schedule of upcoming events from different chapters. Members from the Interfraternity Council will also be floating around to answer any questions that you have. A map and locations wil be emailed our prior to the event.

Chapter Events -  various times and locations

Individual Chapter Events will be held during this period. Programming may include game nights, bowling, BBQs, etc. and are designed for you to get to know the members of the chapters. Schedules of the events will be provided buy the chapters, posted on their social media and some events will be invitation only.

Bid Invitation Pick Up

Stop by the Student Union to pick up your invitations to membership. The Interfraternity Council will provide you with your bids and you will have until 1:00pm to decide which chapter to join. This is the first, official time new students are able to formally accept fraternity membership with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. 

Bid Day 

Celebrate your beginning to the Greek community by meeting with your brothers and then running home.  

Year Round Recruitment

Men’s Recruitment is primarily during the first two weeks of Fall and Spring semester, but many activities are hosted throughout the year.

With the new installation of Bid Day, a majority of bids will be given on the second Saturday of each semester. However, this should not stop you from reaching out to IFC and fraternities on campus any time of year. Meet with executive board members of the fraternity/s you are interested in for information about their organization and recruitment process.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • This is an individual experience. Go into recruitment with an open mind. Click here to learn more about our organizations and status on campus.
  • The “best chapter” and the best chapter for you are often different. You should join the fraternity where you feel the most comfortable, has members you enjoy spending time with, and has goals, interests, and values aligned with yours own.
  • Alcohol, drugs, and hazing are not tolerated in the University of Utah Fraternity and Sorority Community and should not be a part of the recruitment, nor new member process. If you feel uncomfortable with any part of the recruitment or new member process, contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Office of the Dean of Students, or University of Utah campus police.


If you have any questions throughout the recruitment process, please contact Hayden Linnebur, IFC VP of Recruitment, or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.




Last Updated: 3/28/19