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Alumni Involvment

Alumni are encouraged to get involved in the undergraduate chapters. Please contact the individual chapters to see where they need additional support. The following are a list of areas for alumni involvement:


All University of Utah fraternities and sororities are required to have an advisor who meets with the chapter regularly to provide advice and guidance. Successful chapters have strong advisory support, with a group of dedicated individuals who work closely with the members to continuously improve the chapter and the fraternity/sorority experience.

If you are interested in becoming a advisor to one of the local chapters at the U, please contact your national organization to learn more about how you can assist the chapter. You may also contact the Office of the Dean of Students, who can put you in contact with local chapter advisors.

Advisory Board

An advisory board consists of a team of volunteers whose primary purpose is to mentor, guide, and advise the undergraduate chapter. Advisory boards consist of alumni members of the chapter, but can also consist of alumni from other chapters, parents, University administrators, and/or community leaders.

Successful advisory boards match undergraduate officers with an advisory board member who has some level of expertise with the position (similar to current career field, held position as an undergraduate, etc.). Through this partnership, goals and expectations are established and the advisor serves as a mentor, coach, and resource for the undergraduate student. Some positions that typically receive individual advisory support include Recruitment/Intake, New Member Education, Risk Management, Service, Philanthropy, Scholarship, Ritual, Brotherhood/Sisterhood Development, and Alumni Relations.

Graduate Chapters

Graduate chapters are predominately for NPHC and MGC organizations with the idea that membership is for life and thus providing an opportunity to continue beyond their undergraduate years. Most organizations will have a graduate chapter located in major cities.  The chapter typically meets monthly, participating in service projects and social events. In addition, members from the graduate chapter advise the local undergraduate chapter. Individuals can join the organization at the graduate level if you did not join as an undergraduate. For example, Michael Jordan did not join Omega Psi Phi at the University of North Carolina, but rather the graduate chapter in his hometown.

Housing Corporation

Housing Corporations are generally responsible for all aspects of housing operations. They work closely with the chapter to schedule and complete house improvement or renovation projects, assist with kitchen operations and hire the cook, and/or recruit members to live in the chapter house. Chapter Housing Corporations have an annual budget generated from undergraduate parlor fees, savings, loans, and/or alumni/ae donations.


Last Updated: 9/25/17